Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carson's 3!

Two weeks ago we had a birthday party for Carson's third birthday. The kid has been talking about his birthday since February so I knew we had to throw him a little party. He is obsessed with garbage trucks but lately fire trucks have started to fill the void of the beloved garbage truck. 

I had orginally wanted a fire truck jump house but by the time I called to make the reservation it was already booked.  Epic fail!  So we had a monster truck jumper with flames on the side instead.  Carson could have cared less anyways. 

Maddox with his brother, the birthday boy.

I really wanted to make Carson's cake and I found a great tutorial on how to do it.  It would have turned out a million times better if it wasn't 100+ degrees outside that day.  I had the cake sitting on the counter for 10 minutes after I had finished it only to turn around and see that the front of the truck had slid right off.  Luckly I was able to fix it and it wasn't that big of a deal.  Carson loved the cake and I'm so glad it turned out okay.  Thankfully it is pretty easy to impress a 3 year old.   


Maddox is obsessed with eating paper.  We call him puppy because he will crawl around with it in his mouth like a little puppy.  Of couse he found a little piece and one of Carsons presents too.

Carson jumping around with his little buddies. 

I really can't believe he is three already.  I still see my little baby when I look at him and love that he is turning into the sweetest little boy I could ask for.  He says the cuteset things and makes me laugh everyday.  I was so delighted while watching the joy in his face on his birthday.  I'm so happy everyone came and got all fired up with us! 

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