Friday, November 30, 2012

screaming for santa

I seriously love the pictures you see of a small child on Santa's lap screaming their head off because they are scared shitless.

Is that wrong?

We went to the mall and saw Santa this week.  Carson was so excited.  He was not shy and walked right up to Santa and told him he wanted a fire station for Christmas (I was surprised he didn't ask for the police car from Costco that he has been talking about for the last month). 
  He also got a candy cane and after he had eaten half he asked me to throw it away because "it's too spicy for me." ha ha!  He obviously doesn't like peppermint. 
Maddox clearly hated Santa.  He had tears (a lot of them actually) rolling down his face.  He was only on Santa's lap for about .2 seconds.  He will be my sensitive one.  I call him sensitive Sam sometimes. 

Carson screaming on Santa's lap two years ago.

Seriously, so cute!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am jumping on the band wagon and doing a thankful list.  I have seen it all over facebook and my sister-in-law, Caroline did one yesterday.  Not that I wasn't a thankful person before but being diagnosed with something that could have killed me was the scariest moment of my life.  It puts everything into perspective and really has made me a much more grateful person.     
So in no particular is my thankful list:
1. My health
2. Jared
3. Carson and Maddox
4. Chemotherapy (even though it sucks, it saved my life)
5. My Family
6. My Friends
7. The beach (seriously how will I ever move out of SoCal?)
8. My iPad
9. Chocolate
10. Birth control (this was one of Jared's but I am thankful for it too-I can't imagine a third most days)
11. That my hair is finally starting to grow back
12. Target (stole this from Caroline...what would I do w/o Target?!)
13. Our Marines
14. Nail polish
15. My family's health
16. Stroller Strides
18. The 4Runner (it's not luxury vehicle but I love my car)
19. The nightly back scratch I get from Jared (might I add, without ever having to ask) 
20. Book Club
21. Photographs
22. Our house
23. Starbucks
24. Peonies
25. That I get to stay home with the boys
26. Candles
27. Dr. Coluzzi and my chemo nurses  
28. Sweat pants 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Team Daren

So last week we headed to Austin, TX for a Team Daren event.  Since my brother-in-law, Miles, was going to be gone for a training exercise (ironically in California) I decided to fly out a few days ahead of Jared with the boys.  I was so excited to spend time with Caroline and Finley, make a trip to Hobby Lobby and check out some of Austin.   As I mentioned in my last post we had a nasty and highly contagious stomach bug.  It hit in full force 4 days before we were scheduled to fly out.  All of us were better within 48 hours, with the exception of Carson who finally stopped vomiting after day 8! 
It was my first time flying with both boys by myself and it was Maddox's first flight.  Luckily no one vomited on the plane.  So lesson learned-buy the flight insurance!  Won't make that mistake again. 
They stole my cinnamon raisin bagel!  Stinkers.

Bothering Carson.  He was trying to watch Mickey on the iPad.
Even though a childless trip to Hobby Lobby would have been nice, the reason why we were in Austin was to run the Warrior Dash in honor of Daren.  Thankfully, no one was vomiting during the race, everyone who ran felt great.  Finley and Carson didn't vomit until after the race on our way to the hotel, in their car seats (which was super fun to clean the next day).  As we pulled over into some random gas station in downtown Austin, pulled Carson out of his car seat, striped him down and wiped out his seat the best I could he looked up at me and asked "Mama are you mad at me?"  Shattered my heart into a million pieces.  Of course I was not mad.  All Caroline and I could do was laugh because otherwise I would have cried.   Poor Caroline's car smelt something fierce.   
Seriously awful but lets talk about the race.
Last year we did the Solider Marathon at Fort Benning.  I was unable to participate since I was 32 weeks pregnant with Maddox.  So I was happy to run along with everyone this year.  The race was a 5k with about 10 obstacles.  I won't lie, it was harder than I thought and my shins were all bruised from the obstacles.    
I was in the back the whole time and the last one through on most of the obstacles.  Everyone ran together and cheered me on.  A friend told Jared during the race " Your wife is bad ass.  She just finished chemo and her hair is starting to grow back and she looks great."  I have lost all my baby weight but I really have not had a chance to gain all my strength and endurance back post baby and chemo.  A piece of cake for Jared however.   
Even though it was hard and I was tired towards the end of the race my mind was on Daren.  I may be a "bad ass"  but he is the true hero.  I was honored to run in his memory. 
Before the race. 
Here we go!

Into some freezing cold muddy water.  Jared warmed it up for himself-sick!

Over the fire.  (notice my super manly husband jumping like a fairy over the fire)

And into the mud.

Helping me out.
Miles and Jared chased Carson around like this. 
Carson told them "Don't touch me.  Go clean up."

Our friend Dan came down from Dallas.  It was great to see him and meet his girlfriend.  She took most of the pictures.  Thanks Lorika!

Team Daren post Warrior Dash.

Cleaning the mud off.

Wearing Mommy's medal. 
Sweet Finn taking a siesta.

Mister Maddox acting like a ham.  He is eating a pretzel rod so he is HAPPY!

Besides the Warrior Dash event the only other thing we did was grub on some Texas barbecue at the Salt Lick.  Maddox mowed down!  He loved it. 
Holy smokes Batman babes, you are all adorable!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

trick or treat

I am a few posts behind on the blog.  
I guess the trick was on us...a gnarly stomach bug tore through our house the day of Halloween and decided to hang around for our trip to Austin (more on that later).  It started with Maddox throwing up in his crib Tuesday night and Jared coming home from work not feeling well on Wednesday (the day of Halloween).  Carson and I woke up with it on Thursday.  Poor Carson was sick for 8 days.  It was awful.  
But I'm glad Carson was able to enjoy Halloween.  He had been excited for it for about a month.  We went to our friend's house for a party and to trick-or-treat.  Jared ending up staying home with Maddox since they were both sick.  

Carson did a great job trick-or-treating.  He said "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" at each door.  Many of the houses were pretty scary for a 3 year old and he admitted that he was scared but had no fear when it came to getting his candy.  He told me "it's just pretend." 

Little fireman waiting for his treat.

Checking out his candy. 
 Poor kid had to wait nearly 2 weeks to have a piece of it though.

And because every fireman has a mustache!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
The boys with their pumpkins last week.  We never made it to the pumpkin patch this year.  We have taken Carson the past couple years so I am sad that we didn't go for Maddox's first Halloween.  Instead, I was super classy and bought our pumpkins at Wal-mart for $3.88.  I guess there is always next year.
We went to a drink beer and eat brats Oktoberfest party at a friend's house a few weekends ago.  We have done it the past couple years and it is a lot of fun.  Everyone brings a pumpkin, a fall beer, etc.  So Jared carved Carson this dancing monster and it took him an hour.  After Jared was done Carson told him "I like Dayton's (his friend) better."  
Anyway here is a sneak peak at the boys in their costumes...
(I think this picture is really cute because Maddox was totally annoying Carson and trying to pull his helmet off.  Some brotherly love at it's best!)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

dishwasher love

I pretty much hate our dishwasher.  When I was growing up my Mom used to tell me "hate is a strong word" but I do hate our dishwasher.  Not only do you pretty much have to wash the dishes before putting them in the darn thing but it does not dry the dishes.  It annoys me to just think about it. 

However, Maddox loves the dishwasher. If he sees it open he practically comes running (even though he cannot walk). When it is closed he will stand at it and bang on the door. And if he hears you open it you better bet he'll be at your side in a jiffy. 


 He must get it from his brother, after all Carson used to love the dishwasher.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

9 on 10.11.12

Maddox turns 9 months old today on 10.11.12. 
Kind of funny how that worked out.

Here are some more fun numbers from today:

0 the number of times he laid still for a diaper change
1 banana eaten 
2 kisses from Carson
2 naps taken
3 more months until he is one year old
4 the number of teeth he has
11 the number of weeks he has been crawling
15 minutes spent rocking with mama after nap
20 pounds is what he weighs
25 days until his first plane ride

Happy 9 months to my sweet little baby boy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

iPhone photo dump

I have 1,373 pictures on my iPhone.  Yes 1,373!  I don't have any of them saved to the computer either and it gives me heart palpitations to think of my phone taking a crap one day and losing all of them. 
I just wanted to share a few photos from the past couple weeks of what we have been up to.

I am starting to get a glimpse of what my life will be like with all boys.  It boils down to one word. Wrestling.  They wrestle at home, at the park and even in the grocery cart.  *sigh

Our Disney Land passes just expired last month and here we are on the Dumbo ride together.  Carson LOVES Disney so hopefully we can squeeze in another trip or two before we leave California. 

We recently did a road trip to Utah to see some good old friends, the Sullivan's.  It was such a fun quick trip and I can't wait to get back to Park City soon.  So beautiful!

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the coziness of it.  Jared and I started dating in the fall and I think that is a big reason why I like it so much.  However, I hate that we really don't have a true fall season in southern California.  Boo hoo!  Right?!  I am sure you feel so bad for the girl that lives steps from the beach.  That's beside the point.  This week I was dying for a little bit of fall and the weather has not let up.  So despite the fact that is was 97 degrees today, Carson and I baked these pumpkin spiced oatmeal cookies.  We substituted the flour for almond meal and added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips (after all what is a cookie without chocolate?) 

This is what a had in my fridge a few weeks ago when one of my besties, Sara flew out from Wisconsin for a visit.  Leienkugels Berry Weiss.  It isn't available here so she shipped it out here so we could enjoy a few cold ones together. 

Maddox has also discovered how much fun it is to unroll the toilet paper!  Yea!  He also got his first top tooth this week (that's tooth number 3).  So he has a cute little jack-o-lantern smile, fitting for October. 

This guy takes after his father and I'm pretty sure one of his Uncles too!  Must be a favorite Hidalgo past time...reading on the pot.

Brothers enjoying a swing at the beach.
Love them. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carson's 3!

Two weeks ago we had a birthday party for Carson's third birthday. The kid has been talking about his birthday since February so I knew we had to throw him a little party. He is obsessed with garbage trucks but lately fire trucks have started to fill the void of the beloved garbage truck. 

I had orginally wanted a fire truck jump house but by the time I called to make the reservation it was already booked.  Epic fail!  So we had a monster truck jumper with flames on the side instead.  Carson could have cared less anyways. 

Maddox with his brother, the birthday boy.

I really wanted to make Carson's cake and I found a great tutorial on how to do it.  It would have turned out a million times better if it wasn't 100+ degrees outside that day.  I had the cake sitting on the counter for 10 minutes after I had finished it only to turn around and see that the front of the truck had slid right off.  Luckly I was able to fix it and it wasn't that big of a deal.  Carson loved the cake and I'm so glad it turned out okay.  Thankfully it is pretty easy to impress a 3 year old.   


Maddox is obsessed with eating paper.  We call him puppy because he will crawl around with it in his mouth like a little puppy.  Of couse he found a little piece and one of Carsons presents too.

Carson jumping around with his little buddies. 

I really can't believe he is three already.  I still see my little baby when I look at him and love that he is turning into the sweetest little boy I could ask for.  He says the cuteset things and makes me laugh everyday.  I was so delighted while watching the joy in his face on his birthday.  I'm so happy everyone came and got all fired up with us!