Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We sort of had a white trash low key Easter.  In the midst of house hunting and settling in to life at Miles and Caroline's we dropped the ball on a festive Easter.  Jared needed pants last minute for Austin PD orientation tomorrow (note to Jared: please try cloths on in advance of needing them).  He has two beautiful suits that we bought just two years ago and they do not fit as he has gone on a weight lifting kick and gained about 20 pounds.  So we were those people at Old Navy today looking for a pair of khakis that he could wear with a suit jacket.  Luckily Old Navy was open, otherwise it would have been a pair of Faded Glory pants from Wal-Mart.  
Lunch was super classy as well and we picked up Five Guys on our way home from shopping.  We start the paleo diet tomorrow.  Well, lets be honest, Caroline and Jared start the diet tomorrow.  I am going to try and do it 75% of the time but I am pregnant after all and this baby boy makes me one hungry Mama.         
The Easter bunny, however, did not disappoint and left Easter baskets hidden with treats and goodies. 
I would have really liked a nice picture of our family on Easter but that didn't happen either.  I did catch a few of the boys playing in the yard today.  They absolutely love Roscoe, Miles and Caroline's dog.  The dog is a saint too!  He was chasing the neighbors dog on the other side of the fence and the boys just stood and watched him.  
(notice Roscoe's water dish in Maddox hand)  

And the water dish on his head...hilarious.  

 Even though we didn't to anything special it was nice to spend the day with Family for once.  Something I will get very used to!
Happy Easter!  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

another BROTHER!

Looks like we will be having another little boy!  Carson called it.  Of course the days prior he wouldn't entertain the idea of a baby girl, he would only talk of a boy.  So he was excited at the ultrasound to see that the baby "has a penis."  But, as soon as we left, he whined in the car saying "I wanted a girl baby."  You can't win with 3 year olds.
My sister-in-law had a great point, I won't be tempted to blow a wad of cash on the adorable pink, lace and floral outfits.  Very true.  I have everything for a boy and know what do do with little boys.  
Then my mother-in-law said something I hope to never forget.  That I will make a wonderful mother of all boys.  Thanks Andrea!       
Boy or girl it is so nice to see a beating heart and what looks like a healthy baby forming. 
 All I want is a happy and healthy little guy.  

This isn't the greatest quality of ultrasound image but the proof is in the pudding.   

A perfect little hand waving hello.  Jared's words were "well we know he has 5 fingers."  

Long skinny legs! He was super funny and kept stretching them in and out.  Already working on his squat technique.    

Profile pic.  
These pictures were taken by two different ultrasound techs.  And both of them said "what a beautiful baby."  and how the baby has "a perfect nose." and "cute little lips."  I don't believe any of the people who scanned me with Carson or Maddox said, based off of a grainy ultrasound image, what a good looking baby we are having.  I'm dying to see what this baby looks like...he may just be the next Brad Pitt.  
Either way we are thrilled.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Daren

Yesterday Daren should have turned 27.

My favorite picture!  
We typically keep his birthday light and happy.  We want to be able to share Daren with the boys and for them to have happy "memories" of their Uncle on his birthday.  Carson and I always make a birthday treat for him and I take the quiet time with Carson to explain who we are making the birthday treat for.  But as my kids get older I think it will be a nice tradition for us to make his birthday cake together.
We all like to eat our favorite meal on our birthday.  Somehow Daren's favorite meal has come to be known as, chicken fingers.  Jared is not convinced that this was actually his favorite meal as an adult and felt we needed to have something more grown up.  I don't know what his favorite meal was as an adult.  I don't know many of Daren's favorites actually but I do not believe him to be a picky eater.  So we had these patty melts instead.  What guy doesn't like beef, bread and cheese???
Ya, he would have loved 'em.  


Daren also enjoyed Andrea's raspberry breakfast roll.  If you have never had it, it is like a biscuit version of a Racine kringle.  So I made these raspberry crumble bars for a little treat.

While eating dessert we talked more about Daren and I brought out a picture to show Carson.  We all said "Happy Birthday Daren." And as I got up to put the picture away Carson exclaimed "we love you."
MELTED my heart to hear such sweet words come from his mouth.

Happy Birthday Daren, we love you!
(even if chicken fingers was your favorite meal as an adult too)

Friday, March 1, 2013

cats outta the bag

Big news in the Hidalgo household...our family of four will be a family of five this summer.  We have all gotten used to the idea and are becoming more and more excited with each day.  I might lose my sanity having three kids under the age of four (and look like a lame soccer Mom driving a minivan) but I think it will make for a big, fun, loud, messy and very happy family.  
The day we told Carson, he laid on the couch and whined for almost two hours, saying "I don't want to have another baby!"  I couldn't take it anymore and we left the house and took him to Rocket Fizz just to get his mind off of it (and to shut him up).  Then, we were at the park last week and there was a woman with a small baby.  He looked at the woman, pointed to her baby and said "we want one of those."  It was really sweet and a huge sigh of relief.  So he has become more aware of infants and seems excited.  
Tomorrow we are going to go have an ultrasound and see if we can find out the babies gender.  
These are our predictions:


(it was correct for both boys)

Heart Rate at 10 weeks:

My OBGYN, Dr. Johnson:

Looks like you are sorely out numbered Carson.  Sorry buddy, but I hope you are wrong!