Sunday, May 12, 2013

Texas roadtrip

A little over a month ago we said goodbye to our home in southern California.  The almost 1,400 mile drive took us over 24 hours and we did it in 2 days.  
It was definitely sad driving away from the ocean and remembering all the good and bad memories from the past 6 years.  We were married on Camp Pendleton, we moved 3 times throughout San Clemente, we were devastated when we lost a nephew and a brother, I was diagnosed with cancer, we bought 6 new cars and a motorcycle, and I found out I was pregnant 3 times. Carson and Maddox made us parents, we walked the beach trail more times than I can even count and made dozens of great friends.  It isn't easy closing that chapter of our lives and starting a new adventure no matter how exciting the adventure.  Because lets face it, the unknown is scary.
But here we go...

Sitting out on the front walkway for the last time.

Watching movies on the ride.  What would I have done without the DVD players?

Stopped at In-n-Out for one last time. 

Watching the sunrise in Arizona while the boys slept on our drive.  And of course we stopped at Taco Cabana as soon as we could.  Hello warm tortillas and liquid cheese!

The last few hours of the drive were never ending.  During those last few hours, Carson used the F word correctly in a sentence for the first time as well.  I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or holler when I heard him struggling in the back seat only to say "This f-ing window won't open."   No son, the window won't open because I put the window lock on 700 miles ago.  I'll admit it, I laughed, quietly so he didn't see or hear.  I couldn't help it.  But we now know about naughty words and Daddy is watching his mouth much better.     
We survived the ride and we had Miles and Caroline waiting for us with a beer and Oreo cookies for the pregnant lady.      

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