Wednesday, January 29, 2014

terrible twos

Mister Maddox turned two a few weeks ago.  He is a handful most days and kicked off the twos like a boss.  I can already tell the terrible twos will hold true for him.  Poor kid goes to time out no less than three times a day.  He started biting.  Carson looks like he was attacked by a bear, he has bite marks all over his back to show for it.  He is now in a toddler bed because he would not stay in his crib any longer.  He naps in the bed really well but it takes him about an hour to fall asleep at night.  On most nights he is and was ripping all the socks, underwear, diapers and wipes out (not just the container-every single wipe).  Or I'll go in and find him in Carson's bed.  He also likes to rip the monitor out of the wall and then the parent unit beeps like the house is burning down.  This also means that now he is wide awake and in my room at 6am.  To which I promptly return him to his bed kicking and screaming.  I'm sorry-I have a rule that we do not wake before 7am in this house. He is exhausting.

The dozen or so of words he has, turned into a hundred or more and he will even put four words together.  He can ask for things and tells me what he is feeing.  One day he woke up and started calling "bra-bo" aka Carson by his name. "Cah-sten".  A little piece of me died that day!  He calls me Jenny sometimes too. And baby is now getting called "Why-dit."  He knows a lot of his colors and can count to 5.  He is interested in using the toilet.  He is still in a diaper, as the pediatrician advised me not to train him quite yet.  But he tells me when he has to go and is actually successful 50-60% of the time.  Hopefully he'll be a breeze to potty train.  He has no fear and will try almost anything without hesitation.   He loves to help me with chores and even got his own vacuum for his birthday.  He is a lover and a Mamas boy at the moment.

Jared had drill in Housron on his actual birthday so we spent the 11th with Caroline, Finn and Mary.  It was a beautiful day so we played at the park, had chick-fil-a for lunch (his favorite) and made him cake-pops for a birthday treat.  

 We celebrated a few days later at Pump It Up. They boys made their own pizza for lunch and we had cake and presents that afternoon.  Minus him being in time out 10 times that morning and not wanting to share his new presents with his brother and cousin-it was a great day celebrating our two year old little boy. 

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