Friday, November 30, 2012

screaming for santa

I seriously love the pictures you see of a small child on Santa's lap screaming their head off because they are scared shitless.

Is that wrong?

We went to the mall and saw Santa this week.  Carson was so excited.  He was not shy and walked right up to Santa and told him he wanted a fire station for Christmas (I was surprised he didn't ask for the police car from Costco that he has been talking about for the last month). 
  He also got a candy cane and after he had eaten half he asked me to throw it away because "it's too spicy for me." ha ha!  He obviously doesn't like peppermint. 
Maddox clearly hated Santa.  He had tears (a lot of them actually) rolling down his face.  He was only on Santa's lap for about .2 seconds.  He will be my sensitive one.  I call him sensitive Sam sometimes. 

Carson screaming on Santa's lap two years ago.

Seriously, so cute!

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  1. Ha! I forgot about Carson's pic. So funny to see them together.