Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am jumping on the band wagon and doing a thankful list.  I have seen it all over facebook and my sister-in-law, Caroline did one yesterday.  Not that I wasn't a thankful person before but being diagnosed with something that could have killed me was the scariest moment of my life.  It puts everything into perspective and really has made me a much more grateful person.     
So in no particular is my thankful list:
1. My health
2. Jared
3. Carson and Maddox
4. Chemotherapy (even though it sucks, it saved my life)
5. My Family
6. My Friends
7. The beach (seriously how will I ever move out of SoCal?)
8. My iPad
9. Chocolate
10. Birth control (this was one of Jared's but I am thankful for it too-I can't imagine a third most days)
11. That my hair is finally starting to grow back
12. Target (stole this from Caroline...what would I do w/o Target?!)
13. Our Marines
14. Nail polish
15. My family's health
16. Stroller Strides
18. The 4Runner (it's not luxury vehicle but I love my car)
19. The nightly back scratch I get from Jared (might I add, without ever having to ask) 
20. Book Club
21. Photographs
22. Our house
23. Starbucks
24. Peonies
25. That I get to stay home with the boys
26. Candles
27. Dr. Coluzzi and my chemo nurses  
28. Sweat pants 

1 comment:

  1. Of course birth control would be on Jareds thankful list. Sigh...

    Love the rest of your list though.