Friday, July 5, 2013

happy July 5th

A year ago today, I looked like this.  Bald and pale with bags under my eyes.  Carson sent me this picture of himself while I sat in my recliner hooked up to bags of poison that would save my life (a  picture that still bring me to tears.)  I was at chemo a year ago today.  It was one of my worst treatments in terms of how sick it made me but it was one of my happiest.  Before my 5th on the 5th of July, I learned that not only was chemotherapy working but I had gotten a full response from it!  BEST NEWS I HAVE EVER RECEIVED.

I get to tuck my boys into bed every night and kiss Jared before the day is done.  Something I never take for granted even on my worst Mommy days.  I am here.  I am healthy and on top of it all I got to hear our unborn son's heart beat today. 

 So the 5th of July does get even better. 

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