Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christmas: part III

We had three different places to spend Christmas and we actually broke it up enough that I didn't feel too rushed.  
Our first Christmas was at my Mom's.  Santa actually came early (Christmas Eve morning) and Carson was so happy to see that Santa had eaten the cookies and drank the milk we left out.  However, he really wanted to know why none of the reindeer ate the food we had left outside for them.  I had suggested someone go out and mess with it a little bit but they all thought he wouldn't notice.        

We were able to see my Aunt Linda, Uncle Tim and my cousins.  It has been awhile since I saw them last and they were able to meet Maddox for the first time too.  They are also my God parents and as a child, every Christmas, gave me an ornament until I had kids.  Now they give ornaments to both boys.  This a tradition that I have started with our God child, Finley. And I hope that he can continue it when he becomes a God parent. 
(On a side note, Carson did not want to take any pictures.  So he made his "mad" face in almost ALL of them.)   

Next stop was my Dad's.  We arrived to a mountain of gifts, no joke.  Carson was enthralled.  The one gift he had really been asking for was a fire station and of course Grandma and Grandpa Smith delivered!  Maddox got this little egg set and he loves to play with it.  

Baby in a box-the best gift of all!

It snowed Christmas Eve night and the guys went out for a little "ABC" (as Carson was calling it) ride.

Christmas Day we headed to Madison to celebrate with the Spelldalgo's.
I know I had my Camera with me but it must have gotten put down in the basement, where we were staying to never be taken out.  So we have no pictures from our Christmas with them.  Andrea made an amazing prime rib for dinner and we sat up playing Texas hold'em.  I lost big time!  
Of course our kids had round 2 of the flu and gave it to my nephews and niece.  Ugh.  I hate being that parent.  I guess that is what winter in the mid-west does to you.  They were all impressed with Carson's mad skills to make it to a trash can to vomit.  I have him trained well.  He tells me all the time "we throw up in toilets and trash cans."  ha!
We hit up one of Jared's favorite spots, Culver's and of course also got the grand tour of Wilde East Town Honda.  It is a beautiful dealership and I cannot wait to get a brand new 2013 Honda Pilot.  Hint hint, Jared.       


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  1. So is the new family motto "we throw up in toilets and trash cans"? Too funny.