Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iphone photodump

 I actually uploaded all the the photos from my phone onto the computer!  Its a small miracle.  
So I'll dump a few on you...

There is this little play house at the park across the street from our house.  Maddox LOVES playing it it.  

 Two weeks ago at gymnastics they had the kids doing flips on the bar.  I was really impressed.

Maddox has tree trunks for legs.  Not a cankle, just a huge calf that goes into the ankle.  I'm almost positive he got them from Jorge and Daren.  It's nuts.    

Happy Valentines Day!  Our computer was in the shop so there was no Valentines Day post.  But the boys wore red and Carson had a ton of sweets.  Here he is all amped up after our Stroller Strides 
V-Day party.    

Maddox has just become obsessed with books.  He loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear and kisses the teacher at the end (he missed her lips in this picture though...awkward!)  It is so freaking funny.  

Carson asks everyday to go to the beach.  I've been trying to get the boys to the beach as much as possible because I know I will be missing it.    

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  1. First, you've been a blogging machine. I love it. Keep it up. Second, way to go on uploading all your pictures. Third, those are totally Jorge and Daren legs - totally. Love it.