Thursday, February 7, 2013


Some random bits from what's currently happening...

Loving this LOVE print.  I've had my eye on it for sometime now.  Maybe I will gift it to myself for Valentines day. 
Reading The Night Circus.  I actually just finished it today.  It was very well written but I wish the first 400 pages had been as good as the last 100.  Also there were far too many characters to keep track of as a result I feel like I never had the chance to "know" or like the main charter's   
Waiting for the medical bills from chemo to stop coming.  Seriously. Stop.
Excited to take the boys to Disney before we move.  
Trying to keep up with the blog but I have no desire to finish part 3 of the Christmas post. 
Enjoying my little book club.  It's just some friends and I and we take turns picking books and hosting  the discussion.  We don't read anything too serious and the best part is you get to wear pj's to book club.  Next we are reading Tina Fey Bossypants.  I will miss my little book club...hopefully I can follow along in TX.
Using these SQUOOSHI pouches.  Once I realized how much I was paying for the baby food and applesauce pouches I had to find a solution and they are working quite well actually. 
Wearing my hounds-tooth and leopard scarves.  They go with everything.  I think I mainly like them because I miss my hair so much and the help fill the void of where hair once was.  
Planning a move.  Ugh...

Wanting some new throw pillows for the couch.  I like these from zGallerie but $90 a pop!  They must be kidding right? 
Needing a cleaning lady.  We had one during the 4 months I was going through chemo and boy oh boy, do I ever miss that! 
Listening to Thomas and Friends since Carson does not nap and I need a little break.  
Wishing to find the perfect starter home, in a nice neighborhood near good schools. 
Doing the dishes and sweeping the floor 24/7 it seems.

Dreaming of a vacation with Jared.  Without kids.  To some place tropical.  Turks and Caicos maybe?

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  1. Effing chemo bills.

    I got an $80 bill after my miscarriage for labs that were then pointless. Plagh.

    Love that love print!