Thursday, March 7, 2013

another BROTHER!

Looks like we will be having another little boy!  Carson called it.  Of course the days prior he wouldn't entertain the idea of a baby girl, he would only talk of a boy.  So he was excited at the ultrasound to see that the baby "has a penis."  But, as soon as we left, he whined in the car saying "I wanted a girl baby."  You can't win with 3 year olds.
My sister-in-law had a great point, I won't be tempted to blow a wad of cash on the adorable pink, lace and floral outfits.  Very true.  I have everything for a boy and know what do do with little boys.  
Then my mother-in-law said something I hope to never forget.  That I will make a wonderful mother of all boys.  Thanks Andrea!       
Boy or girl it is so nice to see a beating heart and what looks like a healthy baby forming. 
 All I want is a happy and healthy little guy.  

This isn't the greatest quality of ultrasound image but the proof is in the pudding.   

A perfect little hand waving hello.  Jared's words were "well we know he has 5 fingers."  

Long skinny legs! He was super funny and kept stretching them in and out.  Already working on his squat technique.    

Profile pic.  
These pictures were taken by two different ultrasound techs.  And both of them said "what a beautiful baby."  and how the baby has "a perfect nose." and "cute little lips."  I don't believe any of the people who scanned me with Carson or Maddox said, based off of a grainy ultrasound image, what a good looking baby we are having.  I'm dying to see what this baby looks like...he may just be the next Brad Pitt.  
Either way we are thrilled.

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