Friday, March 1, 2013

cats outta the bag

Big news in the Hidalgo household...our family of four will be a family of five this summer.  We have all gotten used to the idea and are becoming more and more excited with each day.  I might lose my sanity having three kids under the age of four (and look like a lame soccer Mom driving a minivan) but I think it will make for a big, fun, loud, messy and very happy family.  
The day we told Carson, he laid on the couch and whined for almost two hours, saying "I don't want to have another baby!"  I couldn't take it anymore and we left the house and took him to Rocket Fizz just to get his mind off of it (and to shut him up).  Then, we were at the park last week and there was a woman with a small baby.  He looked at the woman, pointed to her baby and said "we want one of those."  It was really sweet and a huge sigh of relief.  So he has become more aware of infants and seems excited.  
Tomorrow we are going to go have an ultrasound and see if we can find out the babies gender.  
These are our predictions:


(it was correct for both boys)

Heart Rate at 10 weeks:

My OBGYN, Dr. Johnson:

Looks like you are sorely out numbered Carson.  Sorry buddy, but I hope you are wrong!      

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  1. Cute picture. I like your chalkboard sign too even though I hate chalk. I also love your hand writing on them.