Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Daren

Yesterday Daren should have turned 27.

My favorite picture!  
We typically keep his birthday light and happy.  We want to be able to share Daren with the boys and for them to have happy "memories" of their Uncle on his birthday.  Carson and I always make a birthday treat for him and I take the quiet time with Carson to explain who we are making the birthday treat for.  But as my kids get older I think it will be a nice tradition for us to make his birthday cake together.
We all like to eat our favorite meal on our birthday.  Somehow Daren's favorite meal has come to be known as, chicken fingers.  Jared is not convinced that this was actually his favorite meal as an adult and felt we needed to have something more grown up.  I don't know what his favorite meal was as an adult.  I don't know many of Daren's favorites actually but I do not believe him to be a picky eater.  So we had these patty melts instead.  What guy doesn't like beef, bread and cheese???
Ya, he would have loved 'em.  


Daren also enjoyed Andrea's raspberry breakfast roll.  If you have never had it, it is like a biscuit version of a Racine kringle.  So I made these raspberry crumble bars for a little treat.

While eating dessert we talked more about Daren and I brought out a picture to show Carson.  We all said "Happy Birthday Daren." And as I got up to put the picture away Carson exclaimed "we love you."
MELTED my heart to hear such sweet words come from his mouth.

Happy Birthday Daren, we love you!
(even if chicken fingers was your favorite meal as an adult too)

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